Product Strategy: part 1

How to succeed as a Product Manager at the early days of your Product?

Key advise is to maintain your focus on a single product / problem. Framework deciding what the single product / problem focus is

1.1. Focus on the most acute pain point

Don’t go into trap: Lets also do this…Lets also do that…

1.2. Finding PMF means your target customers are using, buying and talking about your product

1.3. Then double down and scaling existing product for some time


Horizontal product means 80% of your product will solve the problems of a target department users (sales for Calendly)

Hiring process & testing:

  1. Hiring manager’s phone screen: interest in the role
  2. Panel interview: assigning each panel member a competency and teasing out whether it’s present

3. Discover skills

Skills that PM must possess:

3.1. Synthesizing large amount of information and data points and being able to use that to right problems to solve [strategy]

  • What do we need to do and build in these markets or competencies and things we ned to build in order to win those markets.
  • How do I create a framework for a decision-making and prioritisation backed by a cohesive plan to win in the market

3.2. Use your curiosity, creativity, intuition to tell a compelling story what a winning solution might look like [product sense]

3.3. Inspire and influence your team to deliver the solution you come up with [leadership, communication]

3.4. Set up a right success metrics to ensure you know whether you made the impact you expected. Can you adapt and iterate to get it right?

4. Collaborative working session / presentation

“How would you approach this job?” Opportunity to show how they think deeply about your product, for Growth Product Manager (GPL):

  • Sign up onboarding flow
  • Identify opportunities to improve the activation

Types of Product managers (Product, Manager and Growth fit)

  • PMs that great at early stage, but they don’t like the process, not into providing updates and statuses
  • PMs that can’t handle the ambiguity of early stage, but they are good with processes

Source: 20Product



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