How to master Product led growth strategy in b2b by Gainsight Mickey Alon

#interview #KeyTakeaways
Focus on product-led growth (grow 2x fast)
• because that's how market analyses your product
• companies must optimise product acquisition as competition is very high

North star for this strategy is customer acquisition cost

Free trial strategy
• + no pre-sale, sale costs
• reduce friction: social sign-in
• ask user types of roles / objectives (optimise) as it creates set of expectations
• template-ised onboarding experiences
• trial 3–7 days engagement (email too)
- checklist of features
• track traffic source
• time to value, best feature which users stick to and attention span (user goes dark) and what trials will convert (crazy egg?)

Retention led strategy
Why? Costly to acquire new users!
Focus on value path: Early value -> True value / Value Path Framework
• aggregated outcome of your solution (how to benefit)
• communicate value contextually — 2–3 hints a time (repeat after awhile)
• net dollar retention — how scalable are you in your GTM (legging indicator). How much ARR growing over time incl. negative churn rate
• how much is a habit (revisit), user feedback

Credit: The Product podcast



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